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Data Management Information

The Data Management Information of SALDO ZRT regarding data protection and data management principles and practices

SALDO ZRT, as the operator of the saldo.hu/en website („Website”), hereby publishes its data protection and data management principles, which it considers to be binding in relation to itself.


Please, read the present Data Management Information (“Information”) carefully before using the Website.

The Data Manager’s data

The manager of the data is SALDO Pénzügyi Tanácsadó és Informatikai Zrt. („Data Manager”).

Company seat: H-1135 Budapest, Mór utca 2-4.
Company registration number: 01-10-042131
Represented by: Márta Sibinger, CEO
Phone number: +36 1 237-9875

The Data Manager is responsible for the formulation of the present Information, for its full enforcement pertaining to the persons subject to it, as well as their inspection, and for implementing the necessary changes. The prevailing, effective version of the Information is accessible on our website.

  1. User data management

On the Website the Users can provide information, data regarding themselves in the following ways:

In the course of contact (questions)

On the Website the Users can send a message to SALDO Zrt and ask questions. To send the message the entering of the following data is necessary (mandatory * and voluntary fields):

  • Full name*
  • Message*
  • Email address*
  • Phone number

Before sending the message the User must accept the Legal Declaration and the present Information.

The purpose and duration of data management

The Data Manager uses the data to provide the services accessible from the Website, thus particularly for the following purposes:

  • contact maintenance, the primary purpose of which is appropriate information provision to the Users, the effective and fast management of potentially arising technical problems, sending system messages in connection with the service;
  • market research, consumer surveys;
  • responding to the requests, messages sent through the Website (if the User provided his/her data necessary for responding to the message). The Data Manager only uses the provided data for a onetime response to the asked question, it will not use those in the future for any other purposes.

The Data Manager manages personal data for the duration of the existence of the purpose of management, thus primarily until the onetime response to the messages sent through the Website, or until the User requests the deletion of his/her data, or until he/she withdraws the related consent.

The legal basis for the management of personal data

In the course of contact (message sending) the Users consent to the management of their personal data by the Data Manager. The management of personal data is based on the User’s voluntary consent given in the knowledge of the present Information. 

In certain cases the management, storage and transfer of a specific scope of data are mandated by provisions of law, regarding which the Data Manager separately notifies the affected persons in every case.

The Users may exclusively provide their own personal data on the Website. If they provide someone else’s personal data, it is the obligation of the data provider to obtain the consent of the affected person.   

Who may gain access to the data provided in the course of contact?

The Data Manager is authorized to gain access to personal data.

SALDO Zrt takes all expectable technical measures for the secure storage of the Users’ data. SALDO Zrt treats the data created in the course of contact with the greatest possible care, as strictly confidential. The Data Manager’s administrators have various authorizations related to data management: certain administrators have full access and authorization, others only have limited access and authorization.

The User’s rights related to his/her managed data

Upon the User’s request the Data Manager provides information regarding the data managed by it, their sources, the purpose of data management, the legal basis for data management, the duration of data management, the name and address of the data manager as well as its activity connected to data management, furthermore – in the case of a transfer of personal data of the affected person – regarding the legal basis for the data transfer and its addressee. This information can be requested at the marketing@saldo.hu email address, and by postal mail at the address: SALDO Zrt. H-1394 Bp. 62. Pf. 397., in both cases the certification of identity and the entering of a mailing address are required. The Data Manager responds within 30 (thirty) days of its receipt of the request at the latest.

In addition to the above the User may request the deletion of his/her data at any time – fully or partially - at the marketing@saldo.hu email address, and by postal mail at the address: SALDO Zrt. H-1394 Bp. 62. Pf. 397, in both cases the certification of identity and the entering of a mailing address are required. The Data Manager immediately deletes the User from its registration, after receiving the request.

II. Information otherwise collected in connection with the usage of the Website

  1. What information do we collect in connection with the usage of the Website?

If the User doesn’t send a message to SALDO Zrt on the Website, as described in Section I (doesn’t expressly provide data, information in connection with himself/herself), then the Data Manager collects no personal data of any kind in connection with the User, in a way that would make it possible to personally identify the User. 

By visiting the Website all Users consent to the Data Manager recording data, information described in the present Section II of the Information, as well as place the cookies necessary for this recording.

These data are such data regarding the User’s login computer that are generated in the course of using the Website, and which are recorded by the Data Manager’s system as an automatic result of technical processes. The system automatically logs the data – without the User’s separate declaration or act - that are automatically recorded when visiting the Website as well as when logging off.

These data are not connected to other personal User data, therefore the User cannot be identified based on these data. Exclusively the Data Manager and the Data Processor(s) employed by it have access to such data. These data can be collected by the application of various technologies (cookies, web beacons and log files).

Such data contain the following information:

Cookies:  cookies are short text files, which the website sends to the hard drive of the User’s computer, and contain data related to the User.

Log files: the internet browser also automatically transmits other data toward the Website, such as the User’s IP address (e.g., the operating system used by the User, the type of browser, the domain name from where the User visited the Website, as well as the subsites visited by the User within the Website, the contents viewed within the subsites.   

SALDO Zrt displays its internet advertisements by the application of external service providers (including Google) on internet websites.

The external service providers (including Google) store by the means of cookies if the User has visited one of the websites of SALDO Zrt in the past, and they display the advertisement to the User based on this (they perform remarketing activity).

By means of the Advertising Settings the visitors can cancel the visual advertising functions of Google Analytics, and they can personally tailor the advertisements of the Google Display Network.

The Data Manager – similarly to other internet service providers – analyzes these data to be able to determine which portions of the Website are more popular than others. Furthermore, similarly to other larger service providers, the Data Manager also uses these data to adjust the website experience to the User’s desires.   

2.) How do we use this information?

The data collected by the above mentioned technologies cannot be used to identify the User, and the Data Manager does not connect these data with any other data that can potentially be used for identification.

The primary purpose of the application of such data is to enable the Data Manager the properly operate the Website, for which the monitoring of the Website’s visitor data is essential, as well as the filtering out of potential abuses related to the Website’s use. 

In addition to the above, the Data Manager may also use these data to analyze user trends, as well as to improve and develop the Website’s functions, furthermore to obtain comprehensive visitor traffic data regarding the entire Website.    

The Data Manager may use the thus acquired information to prepare statistics related to the Website’s use, as well as to analyze those, furthermore to transfer to a third party such statistical data that cannot be used for identification (e.g. number of visitors and registrations, most popular themes and contents), as well as to publish summaries of these in an anonymous manner.    

The independent measurement and auditing of visitor data and other web analytic data is performed by an external server, Google Analytics. For detailed information regarding the data management of Google Analytics visit (http://www.google.com/analytics).

3.) Option for switching off cookies

If you wouldn’t like the Data Manager to collect the above described information about you in connection with the usage of the Website, in the settings of your browser you can partially or fully switch off the usage of cookies, or otherwise modify the settings of cookie messages.   

However, in such cases you accept that the contents on the Website will not be displayed selectively according to your preferences, certain services will be unavailable, or not in a way they would otherwise be with the acceptance of cookies. The Data Manager also cannot provide the same level of user experience in this way.

4.) Cookies placed by third parties

The Website may contain information (especially advertisements) that originates from such third parties, advertising services, which are not connected to SALDO Zrt. It may happen that these third parties also place cookies, web beacons on the computer, or collect data using similar technologies, for the purpose of sending advertising messages to the User in connection with their own services. In these cases, for data management the data protection regulations determined by these third parties are applicable, and from the aspect of such data management the Data Manager takes no responsibility whatsoever.     

III. Links

Saldo Zrt takes no responsibility for the contents, data and information protection practices of external websites accessible through links from its websites. If it comes to the knowledge of Saldo Zrt that a page linked by it violates the rights of any third parties or effective provisions of law, it immediately removes the link from the Website.


IV. Data security

The Data Manager undertakes the obligation to ensure the security of the data, furthermore it will take the technical and organizational measures and develop procedures which ensure that the collected, stored and managed data are secure, furthermore prevent their destruction, unauthorized use and unauthorized changing. It also undertakes the obligation to call upon every third party to which it forwards or discloses data based on the consent of the Users, to fulfil the data security requirements.

The Data Manager ensures that unauthorized persons will not gain access to, publish or transfer the managed data, and will not change, modify or delete those. Exclusively the affected employees of the Data Manager may gain access to the managed data, the Data Manager will not disclose those to a third party unauthorized for access.

The Data Manager will do everything it can to ensure that the data will not be accidentally damaged or destroyed. The Data Manager also prescribes undertaking the above obligations to its employees participating in data management activity.

The Data Manager will not collect special data under any circumstances, meaning data pertaining to racial origin, national and ethnic minorities, political opinion or political party affiliation, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in interest representation organizations, health condition, addictions, sexual preference, or criminal record.   

It is important from a data security aspect that after using the internet in public premises or on a shared computer, you should always log out of the Website. If you visit our Website from your own computer, then depending on the application you remain logged in for a certain length of time. You should be cautious even in this case so strangers don’t gain access to your computer and execute transactions (registrations, applications, orders, etc.) on your behalf.

V. Right enforcement options

SALDO Zrt does everything possible to ensure that the management of data is performed in compliance with the law. If you feel that we did not satisfy this requirement, please write to us at the marketing@saldo.hu email address, or by postal mail at the address: SALDO Zrt. H-1394 Bp. 62. Pf. 397.

If you feel that your right to the protection of personal data has been violated, pursuant to applicable provisions of law you can seek legal remedy at the competent authorities:

  • Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (address: H-1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.),
  • Courts of law

In connection with advertisements conveyed in an electronic form the National Media and Infocommunications Authority has jurisdiction. Detailed regulations are contained in Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information, as well as in Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services.

VI. Other provisions

In relation to the present Information Hungarian law, and particularly the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information shall be applicable.

The Data Manager reserves the right to unilaterally modify the present Data Protection Declaration at any time, with prior notification of the affected persons.


Budapest, August 2017



Data Manager

Saldo Zrt.