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Legal Declaration

By visiting the websites of Saldo Zrt you accept the following terms, even if you are not a registered user, subscriber of any of the services of the websites.

The owner and operator of the website is SALDO Pénzügyi Tanácsadó és Informatikai Zrt. (company seat: H-1135 Budapest, Mór utca 2-4., company registration number: 01-10-042131; tax ID number: 10815018-2-41.; hereinafter Saldo Zrt is referred to as „Operator”). 

If you have any questions or comments regarding the website, please contact Saldo Zrt at one of the following accessibilities:
email: marketing@saldo.hu
phone number: +36 1 237-9875
postal address: SALDO Zrt. H-1394 Bp. 62. Pf. 397.

1. Intellectual property rights related to the websites

The entire content on Saldo Zrt’s websites and all elements thereof, any text, image and other contents, furthermore the image and technical solutions, graphics, trademarks, logos, databases and other components related to the systemization and selection of these contents constitute the property of Saldo Zrt.

The contents on Saldo Zrt’s websites are copyright protected. Saldo Zrt reserves all rights related to the copying or distribution of any portion of the websites by any method or technique.

Saldo Zrt grants preliminary but not exclusive and non-transferrable permission to the visitors of our websites to download to their computers, record thereon or print the contents of the websites in their original form exclusively for personal use, but not to make those accessible to a third party in any form. This permission of use exclusively authorizes to use and archive one original copy of the contents on our websites. Beyond this, the visitor of the website shall not acquire any kind of other right, license to the copyrights, trademarks, or any other intellectual property that exist related to Saldo Zrt’s websites.

The utilization of any content found on the websites for commercial purposes, online or by means of any other digital or analog data storage device (e.g. CD, DVD, BLUE-RAY, HD-DVD, VHS, MINI-DV cassette, etc.), thus particularly its marketing, as well as its distribution or sale in any form is strictly prohibited. It is furthermore prohibited to change any portion of the website, to convert it into any other product, publication, to integrate it into a website, either electronically or in any other form.

Without the prior, written consent of Saldo Zrt, it is prohibited to utilize and sell the entirety or any portion of the website (text, graphic, photo, audio or video material, data structure, construction, method, program, etc.).

Any kind of use of the contents of the websites operated by Saldo Zrt is only allowed with the prior, written consent of Saldo Zrt and with the exact indication of the source. Unauthorized use will result in legal consequences. Saldo Zrt may demand the cessation of the legal violation, compensation for damages suffered by it, as well as the application of criminal law consequences.  

2. The contents of websites, responsibility

The visitors of the websites operated by Saldo Zrt acknowledge that by using the services found there they accept to be legally considered to be a client of Saldo Zrt, even if they otherwise do not use Saldo Zrt’s consulting and other services.

Saldo Zrt reserves the right to change, add to or cease its services without prior notice, it furthermore takes no responsibility for typing errors on its websites, or unauthorized changes of the contents of the websites caused by reasons not attributable to Saldo Zrt, or for the legal consequences originating from the above.

Saldo Zrt takes no responsibility for damages caused by the existence of the websites, their use, their unusable condition, their improper operation, malfunctions, their complete cessation and interruptions or that of their portions – even without prior notice -, the deletion of their accessible contents, furthermore damages caused by internet or system malfunctions, or computer viruses potentially on them, or by unauthorized changes in the data by any person.

Saldo Zrt takes all reasonable and expectable measures in the interest of the safe operation of the websites, however it does not undertake any kind of guarantee or warranty regarding the security of the websites or their computer virus, spyware and other malware free condition, their updating, their precision or uninterrupted operation. In connection with the use of the websites Saldo Zrt recommends that the visitors take the necessary precautions: use antivirus and antispyware software with an updated database, install the security updates of their operating systems. The obligation of protecting the computer and the data stored thereon shall be borne by the visitors of the websites.

3. Connected websites

Saldo Zrt takes no responsibility for the contents, data and information protection practices of external websites accessible through links from its websites. If it comes to the knowledge of Saldo Zrt that a page linked by it violates the rights of any third parties or effective provisions of law, it immediately removes the link from the Website.

4. Data protection and security

Saldo Zrt shall be obligated to ensure the online protection of your personal data, and it is very aware of the importance of the protection of website visitors’ personal data. The usage of data that can be applied for personal identification is regulated by the Data Management Information found on the website. By visiting the website and by using the website visitors subject themselves to the provisions of this Data Management Information.

All visitors of the website acknowledge and accept that in the case of providing their data which can be applied for personal identification – despite the fact that Saldo Zrt has modern security instruments to prevent unauthorized access to personal data – the protection of data on the internet cannot be fully guaranteed. In the unlikely event of unauthorized access or data disclosure despite our efforts, Saldo Zrt takes no responsibility for this type of unauthorized access or data disclosure, or any kind of damage caused to the User originating therefrom.    

5. Other provisions

Saldo Zrt shall be authorized to unilaterally modify the present Legal Declaration at any time. The potential modification shall become effective concurrently with its publication on the website.

The present Legal Declaration shall be interpreted and fulfilled in accordance with the provisions of Hungarian law.

Hungarian courts of law with jurisdiction shall have exclusive competence in making decisions regarding every dispute that arises from the present Legal Declaration.

Budapest, August 2017

Saldo Zrt.